IANDS - Explore Near Death Experiences

Welcome to the Sacramento NDE IANDS group! 

The Sacramento IANDS Group hosts monthly NDE meetings that are free and open to the public. As an IANDS Affiliated Group, we serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and information to those who have had such experiences and by offering education and discussion of near-death and related experiences to the general public in a supportive, accessible setting.

The monthly Sacramento NDE meetings provide a learning environment for sharing and discussing near-death, out-of-body, and spiritually transformative or similar experiences. We also explore the effects these experiences have on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose. 

While the Sacramento IANDS Group provides educational resources and support to individuals and family members, we do not provide therapy. For those looking for therapeutic services we recommend that they visit the ACISTE website to look for professionals.

Safe Space to Learn & Share

Open to both experiencers (NDErs) and non-experiencers, Sacramento NDE meetings offer a safe space to learn about near-death experiences. All backgrounds, beliefs, and views are welcome. Proselytizing any single interpretation of near-death experiences or point of view is not welcome. Instead, these meetings foster the free exchange of ideas within an atmosphere where all are encouraged to share their experiences, ask questions, and network with each other. 

 Sacramento NDE Meetings Are Open To:

  • Experiencers: People who have had a near-death or similar experience.
  • Researchers: People who are interested in the objective academic or clinical study of NDEs and/or near-death-like experiences.
  • Health care professionals: People who care for experiencers’ physical and/or mental health.
  • People close to experiencers: Family and friends of persons who have had an NDE.
  • Educators: People who teach about near-death and near-death-like experiences.
  • Interested other people: People with terminal illness, those in grief, and the general public.

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