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Enter to Win 1 of 2 Freddy Silva Fascinating Books

The Lost Art of Resurrection Book Cover

How to Enter the November 11th Meeting Giveaway

  1. Contact us by email or phone.
  2. Let us know you’ll be in attendance at the November NDE meeting at 7pm in Room 10 of Sierra 2 Center.
  3. Be sure to provide your first and last name so we can add them to the drawing.
  4. Show up for your chance to win!


The Divine Blueprint by Freddy Silva

During our November 11th meeting, with guest speaker Alex Fernandez-Crenshaw, we’ll have a drawing of all the names provided. Two names will be drawn… A winner for each book!

Contact us today so you can be entered to win a copy of The Lost Art of Resurrection or The Divine Blueprint by Freddy Silva.



The Sacramento IANDS Group hosts monthly NDE meetings that are free and open to the public. We serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and support and serve the general public by offering education and discussion of near-death and related experiences in a supportive, accessible setting. Come be a part of inspiring discussions and meet others with extraordinary experiences to share.