IANDS - Explore Near Death Experiences
IANDS - Explore Near Death Experiences

New Sacramento support group aims to help those with near-death experiences

Dozens of Sacramento residents attended the first support group meeting Oct. 1 for those who have had a near-death experience.

Barbara Bartolome, founder of the Santa Barbara chapter, was the first featured speaker. Bartolome said she has had two near-death experiences; one at 18 months old and the other at 31 years old.

“It changes your outlook on the world,” said Bartolome, adding that another chance at life gave her the courage she needed to leave an abusive relationship. “How can I be kind to someone? How can I make a difference? How can I show love?”

Bartolome said she found a new life purpose and is focused on helping others who have also had near-death experiences.

The group will meet monthly as the Sacramento chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. There is no fee to join the group, but you can offer a donation. There are also online support groups, if there isn’t one that meets up in your area.