IANDS - Explore Near Death Experiences

Meet the Sacramento IANDS Team

We are the IANDS Affiliated Group in Sacramento, California. The Sacramento IANDS Group is currently facilitated by IANDS member, Michelle Kuret, and her life partner, Geoff Foley. As a new, up and coming near-death experience group we are excited and honored to provide a local space for anyone in the Sacramento area who is interested in learning more about and/or sharing their own near-death experiences (NDEs).

Sacramento IANDS Mission Statement

Through support, education and sharing research, the Sacramento IANDS Group is dedicated to creating a greater awareness and understanding of near-death experiences. We hope to lay a foundation for a future in which the study of near-death and near-death-like experiences are established and integrated into all relevant scientific, academic, healthcare, and spiritual/religious communities. We envision a future in which all near-death and near-death-like experiencers are accepted, respected, and supported by their healthcare providers, families, co-workers, and the public at large as they integrate the experiences into their lives.